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Hemp Face Oil Direction for Use

I just wanted to take a minute to review the reHEMP RENEW nighttime face oil and the reHEMP REVEAL daytime face cream.

I’m 49 years old, and I’m continually on the hunt for anti-aging products, and I have to say- these two products I’ve been using for the last two months have really done what they say. Finally, a product that actually delivers on what all the hype is about. 

So this is how I use them. I shake the bottle of RENEW nighttime face oil.

I know it says nighttime oil, but I use it day and night, so basically not even that much something like a quarter dropper full- maybe half a dropper full, depending on how many areas you’d like to use it on. I take about this amount, about a quarter dropper full, and put it into my hand. Then I take the REVEAL daytime face cream- maybe about a quarter teaspoon, about enough to cover my fingertips, and mix the two together.

I then start around my eyes, both sides, the corners, of course.

Then I’ll go in the center forehead, the sides of the mouth, my cheeks, the whole face, whatever is left on my hands. I then apply to the neck area and into the chest, using up all of the products I have in my hands. I then apply makeup after letting it sit a little bit. The makeup comes on so smoothly.

What I do is after I’m done with my makeup. I’ll take another little dab of the mix of the RENEW nighttime face oil and the REVEAL daytime cream, and I’ll go back underneath my already made up face. I find that it kind of sets the makeup for me. It doesn’t move or remove the makeup.

It just enhances the makeup and it creates such a plumping effect underneath the eyes, corners of the eyes, in between the eyebrows, the forehead. It has this very quick plumping. Your face almost looks juicy to a certain point. It looks very dewy. And again, at 49, I’m looking for stuff like that.

My skin never looks dry. It always looks nice and youthful, plump and rejuvenated every day that I’ve been using it. And I get compliments all the time. So if you’re looking for something that actually delivers on what it says definitely give the reHEMP products- the RENEW nighttime face oil and the REVEAL daytime face a try.

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