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REVEAL Daytime Face Cream and RENEW Nighttime Face Oil

Hi, everyone. 

So I’m here today to talk to you about the most amazing products that I have just discovered called reHEMP. I’m going to just give you a quick example of how I use it and how I find it best works for me.

I love to use these products fresh out of the shower because my pores are open. I shower in the morning and I shower at night. I use these products twice a day while my pores are nice and open. So I’m going to run through a quick demonstration- just my personal routine. 

I take a microneedling roller before anything else. 

Just a tip: I don’t do this every day. I do this maybe three times a week, but I feel like it helps to have the cream absorbed better by doing it this way. So fresh out of the shower, I microneedle my face all over, especially on my cheeks where I used to have acne problems in my youth. I try to just go over those areas so that there’s better absorption of any creams that I use.

For daytime, what I do is I take the reHEMP REVEAL daytime face cream and I take a small amount. I always use even a little bit extra because I love to rub this cream not only on my face and under my eyes, but also around my frown line- or my laugh lines and also onto my neck and chest. I just rub the cream into these areas.

I pat my eyes down like this underneath, really rub it in well. Whatever’s remaining goes on here onto the neck. Sometimes I’ll take even a little extra because I’m obsessed with it and rub it all over. 

What I do for night is I use the amazing reHEMP RENEW nighttime face oil with organic reishi oil, which I love.

I love the fact that this is an oil because it’s rich, but it’s not so thick that you feel gross. It’s just absolutely perfect. I rub some onto my face and you could also do this during the day, but I like this at night because it’s a little richer and it just absorbs into the skin.

I rub it all over and you could even layer the REVEAL daytime face cream at night as well and put the RENEW nighttime oil on top of the daytime for your nighttime routine. So I put it all over my chest, my neck, and I just spread it all over and then under my eyes. Then what I do is I use the reHEMP REPLENISH lip balm because I always have very dry lips. I cover my lips with the reHEMP REPLENISH lip balm. It’s so soothing and fresh and minty.

And then my final part is that I take a little of the reHEMP REPAIR acne cream, which is so amazing because as I said, I used to have acne issues in my youth. I always use a little acne product to just prevent any problems from arising especially during my period time or times of stress. At night I add a little bit of the REPAIR acne cream and rub it in and again this is always after a shower so my pores are open and that’s it.

I just go to bed all lathered up with this amazing, beautiful stuff. I have never seen or used a product so gentle, so rich, so beautiful and gorgeous. In the morning you will wake up with a beautiful, full luminous complexion.

I highly recommend the REVEAL daytime face cream and RENEW nighttime face oil.

It is amazing!

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