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A Day in the Life of Mom

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It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, and it’s still dark outside. Little footsteps plod down the hallway, and the door creaks open. Who needs alarm clocks when you have children who wake you before the sun is even up?

Her mom sluggishly rolls over, pulls down the blanket and dangles her foot out of bed as if testing to see if the water is warm enough in a swimming pool. Or maybe it’s because the floor could be lava, who knows, her brain isn’t quite up and running yet. Really she’s just testing to see if she’s ready to fully get out of bed and start the day. Once her foot hits the ground, she’ll be running all day, and she isn’t quite ready for that yet.

“Mom! I hungry! I want waffles!” her little one begs.

“OK, I’m up. Give me a minute,” she tells her child as she yawns and stretches before getting out of bed.

They walk together out of the bedroom, her child leading the way, holding mom’s hand and pulling her along. They make their way into the kitchen, and Mom opens the freezer and pulls out a frozen waffle to put in the toaster.

“Yay! Waffles!” the little one cheers with delight and claps her hands before running out of the kitchen and plopping herself onto the couch.

Mom turns on the TV and puts on Blippi while she waits for the waffle to pop up from the toaster. The next step is crucial, COFFEE. If anything is going to get done today, caffeine is a critical ingredient in any mom’s routine. She presses the biggest button on the Keurig and moves on to the final steps of frozen waffle prep. Moms are expert-level multitaskers.

Once the waffle is buttered and cut into triangles per her toddler’s request, she hands over the plate to her little one, who’s already bopping along energetically to the Blippi songs about construction vehicles. The song is a little too catchy, and the Mom will probably find it stuck in her head the rest of the day. The song is a real “ear worm” as her older child would say.

Now that her youngest is occupied for a bit, she subtly slinks out of the room so she can take a moment to get herself ready for the day. She sneaks into her bedroom, careful not to wake her husband, and heads into the bathroom and quietly shuts the door behind her. She turns on the water in the sink, and while she waits for it to warm up, she reaches pulls out the essentials to “put her face on” for the day.

The water is the perfect temperature now, and she cleanses her face. The warm water helps wake her up a bit. After some toner, next up is moisturizer. Her favorite is the reHEMP REVEAL daytime face cream. It goes on light and smooth, hydrating her skin, and the CBD soothes any inflammation and redness. Next, she uses sunscreen to keep her skin looking younger by preventing sun damage. A little foundation and some REPLENISH lip balm, and she’s ready to go.

“My coffee!” she whispers to herself and rushes back to the kitchen to grab her much-needed caffeine. She takes a sip, and it’s cooled down enough now to the perfect temperature to drink. Her toddler has eaten half of her waffle by now, only slowed down by the Blippi-enduced hypnosis. Even as a mom she finds it hard to rip her eyes off the screen and shake herself out of her temporary paralysis.

The alarm goes off on her phone, and it’s time to wake up her older kid and get him ready for school. The day is non-stop from there, making breakfast, lunches and playing chauffeur to the kids while also trying to get as many things checked off the to-do list for the day as possible. The list seems never-ending, and she finds herself worn out by the end of the day and counting down the minutes to bedtime.

After sports practice, dinner on the go, they’re all finally back home and ready for bed. Her toddler happily throws her arms around her mom’s neck and gives her a hug and a kiss before going to sleep for the night. Next she gives her son a hug goodnight, and he instinctively wipes his mom’s kiss off his cheek before rolling over and going to sleep.

The day was long and went by in a blur of activities, and now she has a little time to herself. She hops into the shower with water hot enough to melt away some of the day’s stresses. After she gets out, she likes to add a little extra hydration to her skin by using a few pumps of the REJUVENATE body oil on her legs. With 2000mg of CBD, it’s a welcomed relief to her tired legs after running around all day.

She throws on a comfy robe and gets out her evening skincare favorites. After cleansing her skin, she preps with toner, and she’s ready for the final step with some RENEW nighttime face oil. The smell alone is intoxicating, and the smell of lavender in the oil doubles for a little aromatherapy as she gently pats it on her face and neck. Feeling refreshed and soothed, she’s now ready to prop her feet up on the couch and binge-watch some Netflix with her husband and enjoy some wine together.

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