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Pain Management with CBD

Chris's x-ray

Our founders Natasha and Karen created reHEMP, because they wanted to offer a line of clean, plant-powered wellness products. They opted for small-batch, wild-grown CBD in all of their products and paired it with tried and true plant-based powerhouse ingredients that work synergistically together to deliver results.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain from old injuries or if you pulled something doing a high-intensity workout, trying a topical CBD salve or cream has helped many people alleviate their discomforts both big and small. If you’re searching for options for a more natural approach for pain relief, check out the testimonials below from our reHEMP family.

Karen’s husband Chris has always lived a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only is he an avid snowboarder, he also enjoys running and playing golf on a regular basis. Last summer though, it became increasingly difficult to do the things he usually loves, and by September he was experiencing excruciating pain and in need of hip surgery. The joints in his hips would lock for up to 5 minutes at a time, prohibiting him from being able to move after sitting, immobilizing him with agonizing pain. While he waited for the January date for his surgery, he began using the reHEMP REVIVE soothing pain rub on a regular basis to help alleviate some pain in the meantime.

On January 3rd he finally got the hip surgery he needed, but the road to recovery post-surgery has its own hurdles too. Now his knees had issues to address. One of his knees had post-surgery bruising, and the other knee had a painful over-compensating injury from shifting his weight to that leg. He applied the REVIVE soothing pain rub to the bruised knee, and the arnica in it helped to clear up the bruising, helping him gain back more mobility. On the other knee, he found layering the pain rub with the REHAB pain balm helped give his knee a more concentrated dose of pain relief that he needed.

Chris continues to go to physical therapy every week, and seeing slow but steady progress towards the active lifestyle he loves. Stay tuned to the blog next month when we check back in with him and his progress on the road to recovery.

Another reHEMP success story came in from Sharon in Texas. Sharon writes, “I was rear-ended on the freeway last month. I started going to the chiropractor twice a week after the accident, which has helped, but I still have back pain that I struggled with. I could feel the pain in my back get worse by the end of the day, especially when I had a busy schedule. My usual activities like picking up my kids or brushing my dogs had become difficult and added to my back pain. I needed a solution that would help me out at home between chiropractor visits. My friends suggested I try reHEMP’s REVIVE soothing pain rub and REHAB pain balm. I was so excited to try them, I started using them right away. The soothing pain rub applies on my back smoothly and glides on like lotion. It provides me with some relief immediately, so I can go about the rest of my day easier. The pain balm I find works best on smaller areas, since it has a higher concentration of CBD in it. There’s a smaller spot on my back that is more tender, so I apply the pain balm on there too layered with the soothing pain rub to double down on the pain relief. These have been such a lifesaver for me while I’m still recovering from the car accident!”

If you’re looking for a natural option for pain relief, even if it’s just to hold you over until you’re able to see the doctor, the REHEMP sports line work wonders. They are potent and effective, with a whopping 2000mg of CBD in each (REVIVE and REHAB), and a little goes a long way with them. Grab some now to have on hand next time you’re hurting. It’ll become a staple in the medicine cabinet and your new go-to option for your aches and pains.

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