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Plant-based Pain Relief


Have you ever pulled something while working out, or maybe just getting out of bed wrong? As we get older, it seems it happens more and more often, and the simplest of things can go wrong and have you laid out for days or weeks as you struggle with the pain of a pulled muscle.

Many of us don’t want to bother spending the time and money going to the doctor for this. And if you do choose to make an appointment, you might have to wait a few days to even be seen since doctors’ offices have been so booked up lately. You may need some help dealing with the pain in the meantime, so many people will quickly reach for a bottle of painkillers. Using pain medication can have its own side effects too course, and the more often you use it, the less effective it is for you.

If you are like me, you might look for homeopathic remedies for a more natural approach to help ease the pain. Whether you injured yourself doing a high-intensity workout or even if you suffer from chronic pain from older injuries, trying a topical CBD salve or lotion does wonders to alleviate that discomfort. The reHEMP sport line offers two great products that target different areas depending on your specific needs.

If you have a smaller area that is bothering you, the REHAB pain balm does the best at packing a lot of punch with just a little dab. It has the highest concentration with 2000mg of CO2 extracted, broad spectrum CBD to help regulate your body’s inflammatory response to provide powerful pain relief. I love that the jar is easy to throw into my purse or gym bag too, so I have it on hand if I need it. It comes in a 1 oz bottle, so it’s also the perfect size if you need to take it with you in a carry-on bag while travelling.

Like all the reHEMP products, one of the things I love is that the REHAB balm has a very easy-to-read ingredient label that includes things that I am already familiar with and love. Another one of my favorite natural ingredients used in the pain balm is organic lavender. It is one of my favorite scents for aromatherapy and calming my mind, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin. Other key plant-based ingredients are avocado and hemp seed oil, which work synergistically to soothe inflammation and moisturize.

Another reHEMP favorite for natural pain relief is the REVIVE soothing pain rub. This one comes in a little bit bigger of a jar (2 oz), and it has the same amount of potency as the REHAB pain balm (both have 2000mg of CBD). The big difference between the two is that REVIVE is better for targeting larger areas (like your back for example), versus REHAB works better to deliver pain relief on smaller areas (like wrists for arthritis). In addition to 2000mg of Danish farmed, wild-grown CBD, the REVIVE soothing pain rub also has organic peppermint oil in it, which gives a revitalizing and cooling effect while improving circulation. The combination with that and organic lavender soothes pain, hydrates the skin nicely (added bonus!) and it smells wonderful too.

One person wrote this about the REVIVE soothing pain rub:
“I am an 87 year-old woman, and I have a bone-to-bone rubbing issue and couldn’t get in for surgery right away. I wondered what to do until then, and my daughter suggested the REVIVE soothing pain rub by reHEMP. Thank God she told me about it. It has been more than a miracle. Just using a little bit of the REVIVE soothing pain rub, and in about 2-3 hours you see a difference. By late evening you sleep beautifully, and the pain has disappeared. In the morning, use it again. It is a miracle cream. Everyone should use it.”

If you’re looking for a natural option for pain relief, even if it’s just to hold you over until you’re able to see the doctor, I found that these topical CBD products both work wonders. They are potent and effective, with a whopping 2000mg of CBD in each (REVIVE and REHAB), and it’s true that a little goes a long way with them. Don’t wait to buy it, trust me, you’ll be glad to have this on hand when you end up needing it. It’ll become a staple in the medicine cabinet and your new go-to option when you’re hurting.

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