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Progress on the Road to Recovery

reHEMP cbd pain balm

Our founders Natasha and Karen created reHEMP, because they wanted to offer a line of clean, plant-powered wellness products. They opted for small-batch, wild-grown CBD in all of their products and paired it with tried and true plant-based powerhouse ingredients that work synergistically together to deliver results.

Whether you pulled something during a workout or if suffer from chronic pain, applying a topical CBD lotion or balm has helped many people alleviate their discomforts both big and small. If you’re searching for options for a more natural approach for pain relief, check out the testimonials from our reHEMP family. To read the beginning of their recovery, read part one of the blog series: Pain Management with CBD.

It’s been nearly 2 months now since reHEMP cofounder Karen’s husband Chris had his hip replacement surgery. Before the surgery, the joints in his hips would lock for up to 5 minutes at a time, prohibiting him from being able to move after sitting and immobilized him with agonizing pain on a daily basis. When the time came for his hip replacement surgery, he was eager to finally be rid of the daily pain he had been experiencing.

Since his surgery in January, the progress he’s made has been truly incredible. He’s finally starting to feel more like himself again. He’s walking with ease now and able to drive and travel again. Initially he was going to physical therapy three times a week, but now he’s been able to switch to twice a week with all the progress he’s made. The combination of physical therapy and taking supplements has helped him gain his mobility back again, but the recovery journey is not quite over. He is still dealing with pain in his knee from an over-compensating injury, but he’s been using the REVIVE soothing pain rub on it to provide natural pain relief after an active day. Working out in physical therapy using weights hasn’t been easy either, but he brings the pain rub and REHAB pain balm with him to soothe his muscles afterwards. He was an avid snowboarder before and also enjoyed running and golfing on a regular basis. While he’s not ready to jump back into snowboarding yet, he’s hopeful to ease back into golfing again soon. Every week he’s seeing more and more progress, so he’s taking it one day at a time for now.

To see more of Chris’s recovery, make sure to follow us on our social media to see the video we’ll be posting this week. You can find us on Facebook at reHEMP, and we’re also on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube @rehempit.

Sharon was in a car accident back in December. She was going to the chiropractor regularly to help with her back pain, but when an ice storm had everything closed for a week, she did what she could to manage the pain at home. She a used a heat pad in the evenings, took baths with Epsom salt, and she applied the REHAB pain balm and REVIVE soothing pain rub a few times a day to help provide relief. She decided to try the reHEMP body oil next. See what she said below:

“I signed up for a massage and decided to bring the REJUVENATE body oil with me too. It brought extra relief to my back pain and helped soothe my muscles. The lavender scent is heavenly, and the reishi in the body oil helps keep my skin looking young and supple. I highly recommend trying this next time you treat yourself to a massage!”

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