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REVIVE Soothing Pain Rub: Helping Relieve Pain Until Surgery


I’m a 87 year old woman. I have a bone to bone rubbing issue and I can’t get surgery until May. I thought “what am I going to do until then?”.

I was talking with my daughters and they suggested to me “Mom, why don’t you just try the REVIVE soothing pain rub by reHEMP?” And thank God for those blessed words. This has been more than a miracle.

Just put a tiny little bit of the REVIVE Soothing Pain Rub in your hands. You don’t even need too much. It helps to just put on the area where it hurts and rub it in.

And I’m going to tell you in about two to three hours, you’re going to see a little difference. By late evening, you rest beautifully. The pain has disappeared. And tomorrow you use the REVIVE Soothing Pain Rub again.

It is a miracle cream. Everyone should use it.

Thank you for the company that made it.

Thank you!

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