The reHEMP Story


How reHEMP Got Its Roots

reHEMP is a 100% women owned small business founded by longtime friends Karen Horan and Natasha Fedorow. “Karen and I set out to innovate the CBD marketplace by offering premium, wild-grown CBD blended with organic plants like reishi and rosemary that have a proven and profound effect on our skin and wellbeing” says Natasha. Karen continues, “We share a mutual passion for a clean, plant-based lifestyle for ourselves and our families, but it doesn’t stop with what we eat. The skin is our largest organ, so it’s just as important to be careful with what we put on our bodies. We simply were not happy with what was available in the market in terms of quality and manufacturing standards, so we spent years researching plants that work.” The result is the reHEMP product line, which is formulated with small farm, wild-grown CBD and blended with powerful organic plants such as reishi mushroom, lavender, rosemary and tea tree to nurture the skin with active phytonutrients that fight inflammation, pain and free radicals. We are proud of the quality of our products and the positive results that our clients have experienced.            

reHEMP is based on plant science and the difference simple, natural and minimally processed plant ingredients make to self-care and wellness. All reHEMP products are CBD-based with wild-grown hemp sourced from a family farm that practices sustainable, non-GMO and pesticide-free farming. The line preserves the nutrients and efficacy of the hemp, and they take it a step further by blending the powerful adaptogen, healing effects of CBD with proven botanicals like Reishi and lavender.

CBD Skincare Clean Ingredients You Can Trust
Our CBD products are carefully formulated with proven botanicals that work. “Our line is also based on our personal experiences and needs,” says Fedorow. “I’m your stereotypical weekend warrior with old sports injuries, and Karen is a competitive equestrian, so we were already very familiar with the various holistic treatments for pain and found CBD to be an extremely effective pain regulator. Our sport line we are very proud of, since we based it on our needs, and we know it works.”

Looking to up your skincare game? Some of reHEMP’s bestsellers are the RENEW nighttime face and REJUVENATE body oil, which contain high-potency CBD combined with organic reishi and other botanicals for a game-changing skin care regime. “We also realize that we can all use a little more playtime in our lives, so we developed our pleasure line that offers REIGNITE high potency CBD lube combined with stimulating botanicals, which I personally love,” advises Natasha. All products are third-party tested, 100 percent THC-free, non-GMO, vegan, pesticide-free and cGMP manufactured.

Made by Beauty Enthusiasts FOR Beauty Enthusiasts
The reHEMP founders are excited to launch the reHEMPist community. Natasha states, “We want our content to be user-driven, so we are inviting all our clients to send us videos or photos using our products. We have posted self-care tips and massage techniques which we call ‘Pilates for the face’ on our website. Our techniques enhance the efficacy of our skin care products, so we encourage our clients to share their techniques with the rest of our reHEMPist community.”

reHEMP is dedicated to bringing you high potency, cannabinoid rich and wild grown hemp products produced and crafted in our manufacturer’s FDA certified Current Good Manufacturing Practice facility in San Diego, California. All our hemp is independently 3rd party lab tested. We utilize a clean CO2 extraction process which seeks to preserve as much of the hemp’s rich and diverse cannabinoids and nutrients as possible.

The reHEMP mission is to bring you minimally processed, high quality plant derived beauty and self-care products that deliver results while remaining committed to the environment and to the integrity of our simple plant ingredients.

Challenges the Market is Facing
Over the last few years, the CBD market has expanded quite a bit. Now there are even sources and strength options for CBD oils and many more shops have popped up online and at retail locations. Everything from skincare and pain-relieving balms to gummy bears and dog treats now exist with the added benefit of CBD. With so many options at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Not all CBD is created equally though, so we’ll break it down some here.

Where It’s Grown Matters

Wild Grown Hemp

Whether you’re looking at CBD items or skincare products in general, it’s important to think about where and how those items are made. There are too many horror stories about cheap makeup bought online from some overseas sources that ended up resulting in emergency room visits. Think twice about skincare items cheaply made in countries which lack in stringent farming regulations. The CBD that we use in our reHEMP products is wild grown, nutrient-dense hemp sourced from a family farm committed to organic, pesticide-free farming practices. We also opt for third-party testing to ensure the quality of our CBD.

How It’s Grown Matters
We chose to use hemp that is wild-grown in a pesticide-free farm that follows non-GMO farming. No greenhouse hemp for us! We prefer the nutrient-rich, wild-grown hemp that has flourished outside in the elements, soaking in the natural sunshine and rain to create a superior quality plant. Hemp is a bio accumulator, so it can pick up the pesticide toxins and heavy metals in the soil, and these toxins can wind up in your face oil or body oil. Taking this into account, it is important to know where and how your hemp is grown is a matter we take very seriously.

Hemp Vs Marijuana
Another thing to consider is what plant the CBD comes from. Some CBD products are made from marijuana and contain THC (the mind-altering substance), and those are considered full spectrum CBD oils. Other CBD products are made with CBD oil from hemp plants and do not contain any THC, and these are called broad spectrum CBD oils. At reHEMP, we use hemp for our CBD oil, and we’ve also had all our products third-party tested to confirm there is 0% THC in all our products.

Clean Extraction Process
CBD oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant, and there are many ways that CBD can be extracted. We use a proprietary CO2 extraction method to produce the cleanest, most pure extraction. In this method, we use pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the CBD from the hemp plant.

Opportunities the Market is Facing
With so much growth in the variety of CBD product market, there is still plenty of room for growth in both types of products being created, and there is a lot of room for growth in retail locations for CBD products. What started out as products being offered primarily at CBD stores, we’re now seeing them in gyms, chiropractic offices, salons and more. We’re still at the tip of the iceberg for potential growth and reaching an even broader audience of people who are new to CBD products and clean, plant-based skincare as well.

People are looking for natural, holistic remedies for pain relief instead of turning to pain killers first. We hear from people all the time who had problems with chronic pain, and a friend recommended our pain balm or soothing pain rub to them, and they were amazed with the results.

CBD Self-Care Tips
We have some CBD skincare tips and tricks for skincare newbies and self-care queens alike! Taking a little extra time for yourself will not only help you relax and reduce stress; it also will improve your skin and your mood at the same time. We call that a win-win! Make yourself a priority. You deserve it.

Start with a hot shower or bath, and afterwards hydrate your skin with a soothing massage using our nutrient-rich, Reishi-based REJUVENATE body oil. Reishi has been revered for centuries as the herb of immortality, and it helps firm and build collagen. We pair the Reishi with 2,000mg of wild-grown CBD and organic lavender to provide an incredibly luxurious body oil.

A viral skincare technique popularized on TikTok is skin slugging. By layering certain skincare products, it creates an ultra-hydrating effect overnight for your face. The products used in the TikTok videos vary, but we’ll let you in on the secret how to do it best by using our clean, non-toxic, plant-based skincare line. To begin, we recommend warming our RENEW nighttime face oil in your palms and then gently press your palms all over your face, neck and décolletage.

Next, apply a layer of our antioxidant-packed our REVEAL daytime face cream. The combination of these two products on your face before bed will leave you waking up in the morning with plump, fresh, and nourished skin.

Don’t forget to pamper your lips too by applying our REPLENISH lip balm throughout the day. It contains 200mg of CBD, which regulates inflammatory response and leaves you with naturally plumped, mint-fresh lips.

We hope that you love our line as much as we do! We post self-care tips and reviews from our reHEMPists on our social media channels, so make sure to follow along with us at @rehempit on Instagram and TikTok, and reHEMP on Facebook. Visit our website at and sign up for our email list, and you’ll get a 20% coupon sent right to your inbox.